April 13, 2015

Membership Fees

All fees can be paid in full at GI Stores situated in Dobbin Street, Armagh

Senior Membership (per year) – £110 (£25 joining fee for the first year)

Junior Membership (per year) – £25 (No joining fee applicable)

Day Ticket Prices

Senior and Junior – £15

Full DECAL licence holders can buy a Day Ticket for £10 to fish Seagahan Dam only.
Season Over 60s Game Concessionary Licence holders can buy a day ticket for £10 to fish Seagahan Dam only.
These can be bought at G.I.Stores, Dobbin Street, Armagh.

Licensee members are those senior members who reside outside the 6 mile radius of any club water. Fees for licensee members are the same as ordinary members. All club rules and rights apply except licencee’s do not have a vote at the annual general meeting.

A valid game rod licence is required to fish any of our lakes and can be purchased at GI Stores, alternatively more information can be found by clicking here.

The bag LIMIT has been set at 4 fish for the 2017 season, this was agreed at the A.G.M ON THE 18TH JANUARY 2017