April 13, 2015

Club Hatchery

Armagh Angling club are in a very prestigious position as we own our own hatchery from which we rear both brown and rainbow trout to stock into our own waters. The hatchery can be found by taking the A28 Newry Road out of Armagh and approximately 1½ miles along the road take a left turn onto the Edenaveys Road and drive about a quarter of a mile to the crossroads and take a right onto the Ballynahonemore Road and the hatchery is on the left hand side approximately 500 yards along the windy road.
The hatchery is run by club representatives on a voluntary basis and staff can be contacted by calling the hatchery on 02837511738. Members and non members are always made to feel welcome and we hold an open day in February each year in order to let anglers come to the hatchery and see the quality of fish for stocking during the incomming season. The hatchery has capacity to rear more than enough brown and rainbow trout to ensure Armagh lakes are more than adequately supplied with hard fighting fully finned fish. The hacthery water supply has a slightly higher temperature and this allows us to hatch out our brown trout eggs weeks in advance of many other hatcheries in Northern Ireland.




Built by members of the club

water tower ready for concrete