Work Parties 2016

water tower ready for concrete

2016 Was a year that the club carried out a lot of work around the Hatchery and Lowry`s Lake .
The treating of algae and weed in Lowry`s Lake was a great sucess.
Around the Hatchery cleaning of all the tanks had to be done , hard and dirty work but we got there in the end.
Stocking the fish out (rainbows and browns) into all our waters .
Building the hight up of the new water tower by 4`ft , this was a big under taking for the club. Hopefully this will improve the oxygen levels going into the tanks at the hatchery.
Getting Seagahan Dam back to where it belongs was a great effort by the committee , the work behind the scenes was intense and I would like to thank Aidan, Cathal ,Niall, Dessie for their effort in getting Seagahan back. WELL DONE LADS.

May I take this opportunity to thank everyone who turned up to give a hand with the work parties , without your help the club it would be hard for the club to survive .
There was 73 work parties organized for the 2016 season and without the help of committee members and members none of the work would have been done.
Seth, Niall, Nigel, Paul, Peter, Lenny, Cathal, Damien, Dennis, Martin, Sean, Eamon, Glen, Ivan, Dessie, David, Ashley, Brendan, Treavor, Steven, Aidan and many more members I thank you on behalf of the club. Many THANKS LADS

Regards Chris

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